Fight Hunger

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Donate A Meal

Sanitation in Rural Areas

Extend your hand and support the cause by building a toilet block in rural areas.

Menstrual hygiene in Rural Areas

Lets join hands & make a difference together.

Extend your help for providing Menstrual Hygiene in rural areas.

Right to Education

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Ladies Circle India

Ladies Circle India Known as LC India, is non-political and non-sectarian Organization. Our membership is open to only the wives of memebers Round Table. It Offers Opportunities for serving the community, for fostering and strengthening friendships between like-minded young women and helps create a better understanding of the obligations one owes to the society.

Cr.Namrata Shenoy

National President

National President’s Message

Our Mission statement for the year- As we enter 50 years of Ladies Circle India let’s think deeper & improve access to smart sanitation across the country. Infrastructure and hygiene awareness in schools would be the primary focus, especially among young girls, thus making an effort to reduce school drops & promoting higher education ;along with building woman only public toilets to address the needs of feminine hygiene & to create permanent branding for Ladies Circle India in prime locations of the country

Toilet Blocks


Project Spend (in INR Lakhs)

Total Lives Impacted (in millions)


President’s Theme Project – Swach Alaya

The President this year has chosen to focus on Sanitation and Hygiene for Women with the Swach Alaya Initiative. The initiative focusses on providing toilet and hygiene facilities for girls and women in schools and public spaces. The project has already seen the execution in several schools which lacked a separate toilet facility for girls. Across the country, we have focussed on creating toilet facilities for girls that are clean and hygienic and equipped with facilities for dispensing and disposing of sanitary napkins.


We support education by building classrooms and toilets, providing scholarships, donation of books and school equipment in partnership with Corporate.


Toilet block construction, sanitary napkin vending and disposal machines are our prime focus for sanitation at schools is one of our prime focus projects.

Women Empowerment

Employment opportunities through skill development training and equipment donation to enable women to become financially independent.

Go Green

We promote tree plantations, awareness campaigns and initiatives that focus on the reduce, reuse and recycle in support of preservation.