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Lets join hands and make a difference together.

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Menstrual hygiene in Rural Areas.

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Lets join hands & make a difference together.


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Ladies Circle India

Ladies Circle India Known as LC India, is non-political and non-sectarian Organization. Our membership is open to only the wives of memebers Round Table. It Offers Opportunities for serving the community, for fostering and strengthening friendships between like-minded young women and helps create a better understanding of the obligations one owes to the society.

GLMF Cr. Nidhi Gupta

National President

National President’s Message

Ladies Circle India celebrates 50 years of Friendship & Service this year and we look forward to a year of celebrating our glorious past 50 years.The legacy that Ladies Circle India has built is one to be proud of. We have touched millions of lives around us and lived up to our Motto of Friendship & Service.This being the 50th Golden Year we look forward to build on the Golden Legacy and thereby set a base for the next 50 years to come.

Our National Project is EDUCATE TO ENLIGHTEN which is a 6 point program to enhance the quality of education provided at underprivileged schools .
We support livelihood of destitute women by providing them employment oppurtunities and providing financial support for livelihood.
We also support the community via non-educational based programs and carry out various community service projects which are the need of the hour. We the members of Ladies Circle India join hands together to make a difference wherever we can.

GLMF Cr. Nidhi Gupta

Toilet Blocks


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Total Lives Impacted (in millions)


President’s Theme Project – DHRISHYAM



In India
  • 45 million are visually handicapped.
  • 12 million are totally blind.
  • 1/4th of the world’s blind live in our country. 
The positive hope is 80% of these vision related problems are either preventable or curable. Keeing this is mind  Ladies Circle India is launching project “Drishyam- Be The Light ” as The Presidents Theme Project for the year 2019-2020. Through this project we aim to offer complete eye care to all. Its a 3 point program which revolves around 
Awareness – We work towards creating awareness on eye donations and busting the myth related to eye donations .
Curative – We aim at doing corrective cataract surgeries and peadiatric squint correction surgeries .
Rehabilitation – We weould be taking up all kinds of preojects and activities at Blind Schools such as distribution of brallie books , setting up of labs and other infratructure needs in blind schools , conducting events such as blind mans car rally , braille tambola ant many more.  
As The President Theme Project we look at setting up TALKING BOOK LIBRARIES at schools for the visually challenged , Pan India. 
A TALKING BOOK LIBRARY would require a Daisy Player , a Computer , Audio Podcast CDs and Braille Books.  
“Eyes are the windows to this beautiful world”.
During the pleasant moments of our life we generally forget about those who aren’t as lucky as we are…..about those who are deprived of seeing the basic world around us. 
Lets lend them a thought , and do our 2 bits to Be The Light in Their dark world. 


We support education by building classrooms and toilets, providing scholarships, donation of books and school equipment in partnership with Corporate.


Toilet block construction, sanitary napkin vending and disposal machines are our prime focus for sanitation at schools is one of our prime focus projects.

Women Empowerment

Employment opportunities through skill development training and equipment donation to enable women to become financially independent.

Go Green

We promote tree plantations, awareness campaigns and initiatives that focus on the reduce, reuse and recycle in support of preservation.