Our fellowship theme for the year is ‘Bond ONE to ONE’, which comes with more fellowships amongst circlers within circle, inter-circle, intra-circle, area, national and international fellowships.

‘Friendship’, being one of our main motto at Ladies Circle, let’s magnify it by quality supplement and elevating fellowship to the next level by bonding more and more.

As a National Fellowship Convener, I’m elated at giving a few enhancers which will help add value and excellence to this facet of circling. These enhancers are divided into 4 quarters, further into 4 categories, so sky is the limit, plan what you want, when you want.

Do remember these are just suggestions you aren’t bound to follow any…

||Following are the activities ideas for the year speared with FELLOWSHIP……||

QUARTER 1- Dress in shades of Rainbow

AROUND THE WORLD IN 365 DAYS Egyptian ramp walk
4 SEASONS Rainbow kitty with high tea
MIXED BAG India’s Most Wanted Murder Mystery game
alk with dramatic make-up, hair braiding, gold heavy jewellery, equipment and props.
High tea, with rainbow colourful décor, games, housie and cards party.
Mysterious guessing game on who has committed murder with suspense and thrill filled.
Adult colouring sheets will be given to each circle. Do send entries for LC India competition.
Roman Gods & Greek Goddesses
Rain dance
Radha on the dance floor
Rangoli, Flower arrangement competition
Trs. dressed as Roman gods, Crs. as goddesses, a plain fancy dress can be done inter-circle or table with long robes, tiaras and a touch of Greek and Latin.
Pure music fun,dance, chai, pakoris.
This is to all naughty Radha’s dancing, singing, swinging and swimming.
This is pure inter-circle competition for the Onam festive(sept 13) amongst circlers with area.

QUARTER 2- Dress in Red & Blacks

Crazy Gringos
Frozen Christmas
Jungle mein Mangal
Food For Foodies
Cowboy loose clothes, Mexican hats, scare crow at farm or field, back yard, horse riding, games and activities, yummy tacos.
Christmas parties with carols and plum cakes in cold frozen blues with Santa’s give away gifts and surprises.
Jungle, farm or outdoor social, let your own imaginations flow wild.
Competition can be purely within circle or within area, as per convenience.
Witches and Witches
Jhalak Dikhlaja
Anarkali disco chali….(Little kathak performance, pull out your anarkalis, rich moghul food with the flow of music ready to dola re dola…)
At an outdoor lawns in checks and frills with beer and breezer, barbeque and biryani.
Halloween with pumpkins, Trick-o-Treat in blacks and oranges, brooms and witches hats.
Competition within circle or within area, a sequence of dances.

QUARTER 3- Blues & Whites

French Rivera
Spring Sundowner
Patriotic Parade
River front, sea side, rafting kayaking, boating, day picnic with chilled beer.
Only 3D – Drink, Dance, Dinner. Enjoy this soiree, near the water-side, hills, any exotic places.
Performances, dance, skit, song, talent, catwalk, anything can be appreciated by social props & picture like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, comment, smiley, heart, etc.
Dress like any national leaders or freedom-Fighters.
Famous tap on tunes of the world
Spring treks & Trails
Karoke night
Mixed dances of the world-Arabic belly, Spanish Salsa, Indian Kathak, African zoomba, Jhive, Korean Gangnam Style, Panju Bhangras.
Welcome to the new spring sun, to have some fun and go for long treks, mountain climbing, tent stay, fire–camp, cycling.
Create your own look of any decade that suits you. From roaring 20’s to groovy 70’s, to the golden era of bay bands, the 90’s! Fun to see wacky getups, music decades old to styling to old jazz to old villains to gangsters and Gatsby.
Inter – circle Karaoke night at circle pyjama party, a musical, melodious & memorable night at a terrace or backyard under the stars.

QUARTER 4- Color Wheel from Oranges to Yellows..

Arabian Nights
Aaj Blue hai Pani Pani Pani….
Graffiti Party
Shoe Parade
Hookah bar…Oriental carpets, soft drapes Shamiana, lanterns, candles, magic lamps, gold coins, treasure chest, pearls, Hookah bar, Housie on vocabulary words on Aladdin Story.
Water sports like swim race, diving, water polo match, under water hockey, scuba, trilathon, etc. Beach or pool you choose!
Can use highlighters, spray paints, glow colours, black lights, & start free hand on walls and on each other’s’ white tee shirts and simply dance, glowing in the dark.
Have a lunch party with most fancy possible shoes or heels or boots etc. it can be within area or circle event too.
Mix flagship
Oranges & Lemons
Karoke night
Mix of all nations from flags to clothes to décor to cuisines to music, quiz on international currency, language, food, flags, etc.
Get citrus with exotic orange, yellow food, under the umbrellas, enjoy kayaking, fishing, jet sprint, parasailing, rowing, surfing, kite surfing, canoeing etc.,
Performances, dance, skit, song, talent, catwalk, anything can be appreciated by social props & picture like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, comment..
Inter – circle Karaoke night at circle pyjama party, a musical, melodious & memorable night at a terrace or backyard under the stars


Quarter 1

1. September 22nd to 25th – Chill Maadi @ Bangalore, National AGM & COB.

2. August 7 – Friendship day - create a game marathon with lots of fun, group games like sack race, hula-hoops, passing the parcel, kho-kho, bowling, pitfall, beach ball relay games, water games, short matches, etc. End the celebration by exchange of bracelets or bands.

Quarter 2

1. October 1st - dhamaka celebrate garba and dandiya like nobody on nagada sang dhol bajey…

2.October 30th - Dhamaka with Pataka, teen patti bahut patti…

- November 10th to 13th - National Fellowship Express.

- 10th Morning - transit from Jaipur to Ranthambhore for adventure ride at Tiger safari in the open canter, exotic lunch by the river/lake, evening visit to auspicious temple and old tradition fort, with a pool party to end the day.

- 11th Morning - from Ranthambhore to Pushkar mela, Asia's biggest camel festival to enjoy the old Rajasthani fair and culture with camel ride, fun rides, camel race, traditional shopping, authentic cusine, folk dance, henna, etc. Night stay under the tents in the midst of the desert.

- 12th Morning - Pushkar touring at the Brahma lake and temple, historic sights, old fortress, chowki dhani at night.

- 13th Morning - Pushkar to Jaipur early morning to reach airport not to miss flights back home, in transit to Ajmer dargha sheriff visit with breakfast.

3. Nov- 14 National Fellowship Day – Celabration of Tabling and Circling .

Quarter 3

1. January 26th – 28th LC+RT joint Carnival- At Hyderabad with first Pan-India LC- MTM, sports, cricket, paintball, activity, music, games, dance, parade…

2.Feb 11th and March 17th LCI & LC India Charter Day respectively- Flower Power.

3. March 8th International Women’s Day – O’re Womania… Enjoy, pamper yourself with spa galore, nail art, make your own cocktails and mocktails, share your gratitude for being a woman.

Quarter 4

1.April 19th – LC & RT Joint Indian Idol held at Udaipur.

2. May 7th Mother’s day – Selfie time with your mother, or with your daughter, or both with one tagline. Send this picture and article to the ‘R’ magazine too.


1. Make every project & meeting fun by ending with a good fellowship.

2. Have joint fellowships with in-laws, parents, tablers & twinklers also.

3. Inter circler fellowship while travel try to meet other circlers of other cities.

4. Send greetings for birthdays and anniversaries.

5. Give the new circlers a warm welcome, give the retiring circlers an heartfelt farewell, this would make them feel very special.

6. Celebrate baby showers in your own way, make the new mom-to-be feel special.

7. Try a surprise visit at the charter chairperson’s home on her birthday, because of which we all here together.

8. Celebrate your own circle charter day with LC India and LCI Charter day including past circlers.

9. Have fellowships on special dates like friendship day, national fellowship day & Women’s Day.

10. Have more movie entertainment, comedy stores, Sunday fitness at happy street.

11. Inculcate more ideas like taking fellowship baskets at each others houses to || Bond One to One||.

12. Invite other circle friends, area delegates and national delegates for most of fellowship events.

13. Practise more on joint fellowships which is merrier.

14. Other fellowship themes will also be accepted and appreciated, as variet and innovation is our middle name.

15. Minute every fellowship event in your MOMCI, ask the circle fellowship convener sto take lead.

16. Every fellowship theme will be sent as flyers, videos, ppt’s with details to understand better to all ACP’s, area fellowship conveners, CP’s and circle fellowship conveners.

17. All fellowship events can be celebrated with circlers of other circles, tablers, twinklers, inter-area, intra-area etc., However you want to, just enjoy it.

Let the flow of bond be at all levels -

a. Circle – your own ideas or national initiatives, enjoy just as you want.

b. Area – Themes and competitions are given to cultivate better bonding amongst circles within area. Have joint fellowships within area. Exchange flags and pins with other circles. Have fellowships at AEx and MTM’s.

c. National – Join the National Fellowship Express which is planned keeping in mind the safety measures of circlers travelling alone and providing maximum facilities to enjoy every moment as a memory. It is scheduled on 10-12 November @ Rajasthan.

18. First ever Carnival hosted by LC + RT for you all during 26th to 28th of January at Hyderabad with numerous activities on sports games, music, dance, parade & much more…Be there for the first ever fellowship only agenda! We would have the first ever Pan- India MTM where there is no need for quorum but just a celebration of CIRCLING.

19. International Fellowship – Fellowship has no end and it goes beyond boundaries, take time to contact the circle in that country, go via you rNVP as she’s the International point of contact for India and spend some time & exchange pins and flags with them. Send greetings on various occasions and LCI charters day too.