Circler Of Real Essence

This is what a CORE LEADER would be ... A true leader a facilitator with in depth knowledge about circling who would be there to guide and help the circles as and when the circle chairperson beckons her help. Our plans include various core programmes to be conducted in often and to ensure each area has core leaders with attendance at closest proximity. Ultimately to have a Core Leader in every circle. The date and venue of the respective Core Leadership Conclaves would be shared well in advance so as to make it comfortable for circlers to register for the same. The participant must have served as a circle chairperson and comparatively must be a little senior and enthusiastic to give back to Circling by adding value to a circle(s) The aim is to strengthen our basics as a circler and fortifyn Teamwork.

As for our monthly activities... Let us have some fun learning this year with a few small initiatives at the circle meetings, no extra time or planning required.

JULY would spell Success is incomplete without "u"

Each of of our floor circlers are an inevitable part of our circle. This is what this activity is all about. It’s about making each circler know that her circle is incomplete without her.

Make a jigsaw puzzle of your circle logo giving it the number of pieces equal to the number of circlers in your circle. Give an interesting explanation on how the logo is incomplete without all the pieces ! Also bring out the message of Teamwork by showing that a circler fill in the shoes of another circler who is on LOA or is absent due to some genuine reason.