President’s Message

Dearest Friends, It's my pleasure, privilege & honour to be addressing as The National President of our esteemed organisation ! Immense gratitude & heartfelt appreciations for all the love, support & encouragement bestowed upon me. I hope & believe that along with team effort of entire national board, we are determined to elevate the organisation to the best of our capabilities . The beauty & the strength of our organisation lies within our young members - circlers from different walks of life coming together to serve the underprivileged mainly towards education , empowering the womenfolk in all walks of life ! The Theme for the year is 'Spread happiness' in friendship & service ! We all are in the pursuit of happiness! Lets try and put an honest effort to be compassionate, have an attitude of gratitude, learn to appreciate the goodness in life! Let us show kindness & positivity towards the lesser privileged! It is all those little things that we do everyday that brings a huge difference in the long run! The miracle about Happiness is that the more we share the more we have. Let us all take action to help create a happier & caring world.
Cr. Veda Bestin
National President
Ladies Circle India

About Us

Ladies Circle India known as LC India, is a non-political and non-sectarian organization. Our membership is open to only the wives of members of Round Table. It offers opportunities for serving the community, for fostering and strengthening friendships between like-minded young women and helps create a better understanding of the obligations one owes to the society. The Ladies Circle movement first came to India in 1968. The wives of members of Round Table No. 9 in Coimbatore formed the first Circle. Coimbatore LC 1 received its Charter on 30th August 1969 from the then Round Table India President S.L.Chitale. It was soon followed by the formation of 3 circles getting chartered in 1970. The National Association of Ladies Circle India was formed in 1970 with 4 member Circles. At the inaugural meeting of LC India in March 1970, the Constitution and Bye-Laws were adopted and the National Officers were elected. On March 17th 1970, Founder President, LC India Cr. Shashi Gulati received the Charter of affiliation from Ladies Circle International presented by the then LCI President, Cr. Magdelena Nordens Kjold. In September 1970, LC India became a Full member of LC International at the LCI Conference in Denmark.

Today, as on 1 st of July, 2016 Ladies Circle India is over 1500 member strong with 108 active Circles spread across India. We are present in 19 states and 53 cities.


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Cr.Namrata Shenoy

National Vice President

LC 109

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Cr.Nidhi Gupta

National Secretary

LC 16

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Cr.Shivani Gupta

National Treasurer

LC 110

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Cr.Prachi Agarwal

National Immediate Past President

LC 121


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