President’s Message


Follow your HEART, As your heart knows the way,

SERVE with your heart and Shine through the darkest day.

CELEBRATE  your heart and be the candle of kindness that spreads light.

LEAD with your heart, as your heart is always right.

You can ACHIEVE the impossible and CONQUER the world.

You’ve got what it takes,


National President’s Message

Dear Friends in circling,

There is a miracle called friendship ,That dwells within the heart

And you don’t know how it happens or, when it even starts

But the happiness it brings you, always brings a special lift

And its then that you realize, that, friendship is the most precious gift!

Greetings from the bottom of my heart to all my precious friends in circling.Its truly overwhelming to address you as your president for the year 2019-20. It is a once in life time opportunity to connect heart to heart with each one of you.

Friends, today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Having taken as the NEX members circle chairperson or circle secretary we stand before a world of opportunities that enables us to bring a huge change personally professionally and of course to the society.This is what makes leadership in circling different from any other position you would have ever taken up.This is your year to spread as many smiles as you can make as many friends as you can and touch as many lives as you can and in the process collect as many blessings as you can.

This year is all about celebration in centenary year where we celebrate the past glorious golden 50 years of our organization.

As part of the Golden Team lets not make it about competition, Numbers, completing tasks and filling them into showcase reports.You as the leaders of tomorrow are the one’s who can instill the golden mantra for the coming year to Celebrate The Golden Year Of Ladies Circle India BEING A CIRCLER and not DOING CIRCLING.

Being a circler is truly a privilege and it brings along with a long list of benefits and credits. Our organizations has various MOU’s signed with Corporates Pan India which Entitles members of Our organization to avail of very many benefits.To make this easy to execute this year we are launching membership ID cards which can be purchased from our Secretariat. These ID cards would be an ideal mode to avail of the MOU’s that our organisation is a part of.

Our LC India Trust is always there to Support the Circle Projects with their Various Grants. Along with this we have the yearly Grants which will be disbursed by the National Projects Convenor. Watch Out for the Various Grants and tie ups for the year which will be announced in the beginning of every Quarter.

The Golden Year is full of glittering Golden Moments and plans. Do have a peep into the plans laid down by the national conveners before you chalk out your plans for the year.New beginning comes not only with excitement and happiness they bring in with gleeming rays of hope fulfilling our dreams, so here’s to working towards fulling golden dreams of the golden team. Immense thanks and gratitude to the floor of LC India for your trust and support for the year ahead. When the circlers are here to support one another, together we can sail towards achieving bigger goals for Ladies Circle India as a whole.

As your National president for the year 2019-20.I really look forward to serving and supporting you in all my circling endeavours. Wishing you all a very Best for the year ahead.May every moment of the new circling year be fulfilled with immense love, happiness and satisfaction.

Your Friend always,

LMF. Cr. Nidhi Gupta

National President 2019-20