President’s Message

We were born with goodness and trust

We were born with ideals and dreams

We were born with greatness

We were born with wings.


My Dearest Friends,

Greetings from the bottom of my heart to all my treasured friends in circling. It’s truly overwhelming to address you as your President for the year 2020-21. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect heart to heart with each one you and I am really looking forward to it.

Friends, Today we begin to write the first page of our book on Circling for this year.

Let us make it a beautiful and memorable one.

Having taken up as the NEx member, Circle Chairperson or Circle Secretary we stand before a world of opportunity that enables us to bring a huge change personally, professionally and of course to the society. This is what makes Leadership in circling different from any other position you would have ever taken up. This is your year to spread as many smiles as you can, make as many friends as you can, touch as many lives as you can and in the process collect as many blessings as you can.

This year is going to create history with a lot of first time ever events/ideas/things. Let us cherish every moment.

Let us promise not to make it about competition, numbers, completing tasks and filing them into showcase reports. Let us make it a year of holding hands of our fellow Circles. let us make our own shoes and not fill in someone else’s shoes.

Keeping in mind transparency and smooth governance, this Executive Manual has been compiled to be the go to book for any queries or doubts that may arise during the course of the year. Guidelines for every portfolio, roles and responsibilities, an insight into full circle and A detailed year planner will make it easier for you to share information, communicate and plan the year ahead.

Each portfolio has been planned and re-planned after a lot of brainstorming and hardwork by the National Convenors keeping the current scenarios in mind. Do check them when you are planning your events.

As we always say National initiatives are ONLY guidelines and suggestions to help you plan your activities.

“MIDAS TOUCH” recognitions in every facet would be recognising out of the box ideas/events small or big done by circles in exemplary manner or an act done by a circle which stands out in that facet. These recognitions will be a part of our monthly Newsletters and will be carefully identified by the Portfolio Convenors, Area Chairpersons and Area Secretary Treasurers.

Our Ladies Circle India Trust is always there to support the Circle projects with their various grants. Along with this we have the yearly grants which will be announced and disbursed by the National Project Convenors as and when we get the Tie ups and Sponsors.

When women come together with a collective Intention, magic happens. Let us work together to create and achieve magic for our esteemed Organisation.

As your National President for the year 2020-2021, I really look forward to serving and supporting you in all your circling endeavours.

Immense gratitude to the floor of LC India for your trust and support for the year ahead. Wishing all the very best to each one of you. May every moment of the new circling year be filled with love, happiness and satisfaction.

New beginnings come in not only with excitement and happiness but with lots of dreams. Let us embark on our Flight of Dreams and give them Wings to come true.


A friend Forever

Cr. Nidhi Karnani

President 2020-21

Ladies Circle India