In the Circling year 2003, Educate to Enlighten (E2E) was adopted as the National Project of LC India. Ever since then (E2E) has been the National Project continuously. For further continuation of the good work in the field of Education, the Floor of LC India, at its NAGM 2014, in Kolkata, passed a proposal to adopt E2E as the National Project till the year 2020.

This covers projects implemented in schools under the six point Program of E2E:

1. Infrastructure development : Projects like Construction of classrooms, water tanks and toilet blocks at various Government and aided Schools.

2. Nutrition: Midday meal programs undertaken.

3. Health &Hygiene : Various Health Awareness , Sanitation and curative camps at the schools

4. Scholarships: In association with Circles providing educational scholarships to underprivileged children under our National Charity Project AdhyapanaSahay (APS), which is funded by Ladies Circle IndiaTrust.

5.Tools for schools

6. Quality Education: Qualitative improvement of Education .


Ladies Circle India formed a Charitable trust whose objectives though manifold is to implement its National Project- Adhyapana Sahaya, which literally means educational aid. This is a scholarship scheme for deserving, underprivileged students. Under this scheme, Circles provide financial help in an ongoing process till the student has completed his field of study. The upper limit as per Ladies Circle India states that: “a Circle may avail APS and/or RJSS grant for NOT more than Rs. 45,000 for any one Circling year.” *

• No deadlines for sending Applications and funds are disbursed every month.

• Scholarship sanctioned for tuition fees/education related grant only.

• Enclose Letter from Head of Institution certifying that Applicant is a bona fide student.

• Enclose Passport Photo of the applicant, Copy of Fee receipt and Xerox of previous year’s Mark sheet for the Application to be valid.


Ladies Circle India formed a Charitable Trust whose main objective is to aid destitute women. The Past Presidents together with the past members of Ladies Circle India to commemorate the Silver Jubilee year of LC India in 1994 instituted this fund. The fund however came into operation in the year 1995. This fund shall provide monetary assistance to destitute women. RJSS is to empower destitute women (widowed, abandoned by husband, family etc) and give them means to earn a living (by sponsoring for the product from our side). “a Circle may avail APS and/or RJSS grant for NOT more than Rs. 45,000 for any one Circling year.” *

The grant is given against the asset. Eg: grinders, sewing machines, computers,vegetable carts, setting up petty shops etc.

• Enclose Passport Photo of the applicant, supporting Documents such as bills etc.

• Maximum of 50% or Rs 45,000/- per circle of funds from LC India Trust and the balance 50% or more shall have to be borne by the Circle applying for APS/RJSS.


In the year 2011, Tools for schools fund was created. Any Circle that has been chartered for 5 or less than 5 years is eligible to apply for this grant. The grant will be subject to maximum 5K/ Circle. The grant will be dispersed on first come first basis. The recipient circle will have to put in matching grant or more towards the project.

||Guidelines to Apply for Tools & Schools Grant||

The respective Area Chairperson has to approve the application.

It is the responsibility of the Area Chairperson to see that the Circles who have received the grant, file the completion report within 20 days from the completion of the project.
After the completion of the project, a completion report should be submitted by the Circle with appropriate pictures and explanation on the same be attached and sent.
Further applications will not be taken from that Circle till the completion report has been submitted. The last date for receipt of applications will be December 31st.
The Grants would be given on first come first basis.


||Grant 1 -Sports Scholarship for Infrastructure and Equipment||

Name of the fund-'Jan de Mooij'-Ashwini Surendar Tools for Schools Sports Fund'.
Purpose-Sports Scholarship for Infrastructure and Equipment in a Round Table or Ladies Circle School.
Scholarship sanctioned for Sports Equipment or Infrastructure required by the institution, not tuition fees, note books, uniform etc.
Eligibility- The Grant would be availed by circles of an Area collectively, hence it will be termed as an Area Project year marked on November 15, 2016. An amount of Rs.7500 per Area would be granted with a matching amount of Rs.7500 shared between the circles. An Area Sports Project would be held on the 15th of November, 2016 in the RTI/LC week. This project would be held under the Area chairperson’s knowledge and execution and would be a joint Project of the Circles of the Area.

||Grant 2: Sports Scholarship for budding Talent in Sports||

Name of the fund- ‘Tools for Schools Sports Scholarship’.

Purpose- Sports Scholarship for budding Talent in Sports Scholarship sanctioned for Sports related training, equipment NOT for tuition fees ,note books, uniform etc.
Eligibility- Any circle can apply for Rs.5, 000- 10,000* with a matching amount to come from the circle.However, the applicant must be a bona fide trainee and/or has been granted admission in the institution!

UTKARSH- Elevate

President’s theme Project Utkarsh( which means to Elevate) is in line with the E2E Project,An ode to our Eternal Tr.Utkarsh Jani, who was lost to Cancer.

1. Adopt an institution/ school for a year, one that you think needs to be uplifted.

2. Create a vision for that institution, set goals to be reached by the end of the year.

3. Take a photograph ‘Before and After’ at the beginning of the year and at the end of each project.

4. Update the photographs and a report on the projects done along with the amount spent for each project, in the MOMCI under Presidents Project ||UTKARSH-Elevate||

On completing the 5th project at that institution/ School, it will come under the banner of Project ||UTKARSH-Elevate||. It will also make your circle eligible to apply for a matching grant for the 6th project( amount and details of eligibility, would be given in the course of time.)

1. Circles can also do this as a joint project with other Circle or Circles in their own city/area or even other areas, under ||Bond ONE to ONE|| initiative too. (* refer below in the initiatives)

2. This project will be eligible to earn a special pi7 from the President and National Project Conveners on completing five projects in their chosen institution. The 6th being the Bonus (optional)

||What you can do…||

The projects to be executed under ||UTKARSH- Elevate|| would be the one’s that add value to the adopted institution/ school like……

1. Provide Blackboards (wall-mounted or otherwise).

2. Provide Dustbins.

3. Get Water tanks installed.

4. Construct classrooms with FTE grant.( grants available with RTIF)

5. Construct Toilet blocks.( grants available)

6. Provide foliage for Go Green awareness, do an HRD on importance of oxygen, plants, ask them to have groups to tend to plants on the school premises.

You have the liberty to plan any project that can add value to the organization in terms of longevity. The above mentioned and likes of it would be under Project ||UTKARSH-Elevate||

Projects mentioned under and similar should be encouraged at the same adopted institution/school but would not be under the umbrella of ||UTKARSH-Elevate||

1. Provide them supplies for basic hygiene (Dettol, sanitation, sanitary napkins)

2. Midday meals (also as food supplements – dietary drinks, vitamins, calcium tablets etc)

3. Uniforms

4. School Bags (promote Regalia)

5. Stationary (promote Regalia)

6. Scholarships through APS grant.

7. HR programs for teachers and students on topical issues.

8. At the end of the circling year, the satisfaction of seeing one’s adopted institution having grown bit by bit is our vision, all Thanks to LC India. We hope you would look for an institute and try and execute all do-able projects there….This would help build LC India brand vastly with your simple planning and execution.


Circles are encouraged to do joint projects with Circles in their city/ area/ across different areas thereby increasing their BOND One to One, living our motto of FRIENDSHIP AND SERVICE.

||Use of Regalia would be much appreciated||

“Do check the pages on Regalia products in this executive manual which can help you with ideas of products that can be used for the said purpose.”

This helps build administration amount, thus easy finance management.


Empower an underprivileged student with the right to write, publicizing LC by giving a years supply of stationary which can be given anytime, best would be to adopt a classroom and help the students benefit from the Right to Write. LC regalia has LC India and RT India branded pencils, notebooks and School bags, the same set can be bought per child at Rs.240, then it would be reported under Right to Write- a project under E2E, It could also be reported under publicity and also under Regalia. It could also be a joint Table- Circle Project too and could be planned during Independence day, RTI- LC week, Republic Day, at the beginning of academic session in April too…etc….


A project, with our family…of 3 generations including our elders and twinklers.

They can accompany you to your adopted school while doing a project. It can be followed by a meal, movie or fellowship.


TOGETHER WE CAN help decrease discomfort and uplift the spirits of the one’s suffering from Cancer.

We are proud to announce our tie-up with Can Kids, an organization dedicated to Change for Childhood Cancer in India. It is the only organization in India that works on all aspects that will drive this change – support services for the families of children with cancer (0 to 21), awareness, advocacy, quality care, research and impact. Today, Can Kids works in over 42 cancer centres in 18 cities and 14 states which treat more than 12,000 new cases of childhood cancer each year. The Can Kids centres would be a great place for us to do meaningful projects throughout the year.

A few guidelines:

1. Craft activities; painting and colouring sessions.

2. Celebrating festivals.

3. Discussions, sharing and caring sessions.

4. Organising local visits like to the Zoo, Metro, movies.

5. Donate a Gift – If you are offered a gift on your special days, from friends or colleagues/family, you request them to donate the expense of that gift towards a project in Can Kids instead.

6. The following guidelines MUST be followed in Can Kids projects:

7. All activities will have to be in coordination with the Can Kids team in any centre.

8. Projects which involve funds for medical treatment, gifts in cash or kind and food distribution can be done only with prior approval of Can Kids.

9. If anyone is feeling sick or have symptoms that might indicate infection of any sort, please DO NOT visit the centre that day. Cancer patients have very low immunity and can catch infections very quickly, thus slowing their recovery and causing other problems.

10.Activities inside the ward would be limited but can be done after confirming with Can Kids.


We hope together we can add a library per classroom.

Pratham Books, a non-profit children’s book publisher, introduced the concept of Library in a Classroom (LIC), which has 125 enjoyable children’s books in a single modular unit that can be mounted on a wall and is easily portable, perfect for schools that do not have space or funding for libraries. These books are available in many languages.

Cost of each LIC is Rs 5000. Circles who are interested can contact ‘Pratham Books’ directly and place their orders individually.

Contact: Raviraj Nar, Pratham Books, Regional Manager. # +91-9324288833

Email: raviraj@prathambooks.org


Kiddathon is a platform to get children from all backgrounds at a common point, it will also energise them, make them aware of fitness, conscious of best practices, teach them the value of social contribution. It’s a value addition project for the next generation.

At the end of the kiddathon, we hope for a project to be executed. This could be an effort of a solo circle, Circles of a city or even Pan-Area. This could be a beautiful fundraiser paid by privileged children for raising funds to help underprivileged children.

A kiddathon for children

Circles can sponsor the gear that could be co-ordinated

Regalia products can be ordered and used as give aways…

Help blow the trumpet of LC India.


Our Police Cops, Men in Khaki serve the country that’s us, it’s time to salute them and acknowledge them. Lets do so by wearing our LC Regalia on days like LC INDIA Charter Day and others.

To acknowledge the good work done by our traffic constables, you could pack a mini snack and a soft drink and hand deliver it to them at their posts of work, be it standing at a signal. Publicity under LC India for your Circle via print or digital media can be promoted too. Such acts of Gratitude often are noticed and our LC India further gets publicized.


Share a plant with LC India tag at projects and nurture them thereafter as you would nurture a friendship.

Saplings or little Plants are a symbol of Care, nurturing and hence Growth. Let’s plant these and look at a healthy future environment. You can share a little plant with each other and nurture it just as you nurture friendship and BOND. The plant can be a symbol of ||Friendship and Service|| Given at events to guests and projects with a tag of LADIES CIRCLE INDIA Alternatively, https://www.grow-trees.com/ will plant trees for you, for a payment of a very nominal sum of Rs 85, in public lands (you can choose if the trees are for forest and wildlife).


Sponsor a training session for a teacher or conduct a three hour HRD session by a private resources centre.