PUBLICITY is the greatest moral factor and force in our public life. Publicity can be covered under various mediums such as Social media, public hoardings, personal desk publicity, external publicity etc. The entire focus during the year will be on gaining visibility and awareness for Ladies Circle India. We believe it’s a year long facet and hence, all possible mediums of publicity are listed and can be carried out whenever! Just keep the flag of LADIES CIRCLE INDIA high at all times!

||Activities for the year||

o. Use social media marketing; create waves about LC India via twitter, instagram and Facebook by tagging each post # Ladies Circle India.

o. Each Circle could look at appointing one champion for Facebook posts for covering Circle activities, Inter-area Activities, Projects, Publicise Ladies Circle India by adding # Ladies Circle India.

o. You could organize or support your local circles with participation in mega publicity events such as Freedom Drive (August month).

o. Publicity via newspaper/FM Radio (ongoing).

o. Look at tieing up with corporate/ Ad. agencies for hoarding space.

o. Look at partnering with local hoarding companies and publicize our E2E projects

o. Can partner with local theatres and request them to screen LC India 2 min video before the movie and during intervals.(available with publicity team).

o. Try for Pan India Railway publicity during peak holiday seasons. Request them to play the LC India video throughout the day.

o. Each circler is a brand ambassador of Ladies Circle.

o. Look at Using of suitable LC India branded products at work stations like cube pads, coasters, stickers, business cards, proud to be circler memento awards, flags, pins, etc.

o. Use of Regalia products, Wearing LC India regalia items which have LC INDIA branding.

o. Ladies Circle India Stickers

o. Organize or support your local circles with participation in mega publicity events such as Freedom Drives, Blind man rallys, Marathons, Kiddathon, Knights in Khakhis, etc.

o. Adoption / Maintenance of Public Parks / public utilities-Tie up with local municipal council / ward Adoption of public space like Parks, Traffic point circles / triangles, Sub way / underpass

o. Tie up with famous personalities endorsing “ I support Ladies Circle India”.

Some guidelines /pointers while doing the activities-

- All external publicity or events should be branded as “Ladies Circle India presents” and NOT the individual

- Circles name, the same can be displayed via their logo and name under that and in the internal minutes so thatthere is it presents a uniform recall value.

- When we post projects on the social media, tag all the members present in the picture so as to give a wider reach.