“Khawhishon Ki Udaan”


Childhood is a time of wishes, desires, dreams of endless possibilities. But for children faced with cancer it is a battle for and with life..


They face it with unflinching courage and an acceptance of their circumstances that humbles us.


Here are some facts about childhood cancer:


  • Every year 300,000 children all over the world get diagnosed with cancer
  • Childhood Cancers constitute 3-4% of all cancers
  • 70-90% of childhood cancer is curable because of better response to the treatment and protocols
  • Unlike the cause of adult Cancers, the causes of most childhood cancers are as yet unknown
  • ​In India, it is estimated that nearly 40-50,000 new childhood cancer cases present each year
  • Despite the high cure rates in developed countries, it is estimated that in India 70% children die of cancer due largely to lack of awareness, late detection and late diagnosis, inadequate facilities, the high cost of treatment and the absence of supportive care.​


These children are an inspiration in their ability to put aside their pain and sorrow and make the best of whatever life has to offer. We have much to learn from them-They deserve the best. The best possible treatment (to deal with the illness), care (support with social and psychological impact of the illness) and assistance to reintegrate back into the society.​ 


In these difficult times lets give hope to these kids by supporting them and bringing joy to them.


 1) Make a Wish: (Adopt a Wish)

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of India grants wishes through a carefully coordinated effort of love and logistics. We invite you to join our community and share the power of a wish so every eligible child experiences the hope, strength and joy that a wish fulfillment provides. The Adopt-A-Wish program offers the ultimate connection to your giving by partnering your philanthropic gift with a specific child’s heartfelt wish. They grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. The dictionary will tell you a wish is simply a hope or desire for something. However, to a child battling a life-threatening medical condition, a wish is often a life-changing experience that helps replace fear with excitement, tears with laughter and pain with joy.


2) Cuddles Foundation: (Feed the Hunger for life)

Cuddles Foundation support government and charity cancer hospitals with their expert pediatric cancer nutritionists and food aid. Food helps medicine work. They bring holistic food and nutrition to underprivileged children fighting cancer. Cuddles Nutrition Centres are active in 33 hospitals across India including TATA Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, AIIMS in Delhi, amongst others. The needs of the community, the inflow of patients and the extent of malnourishment all play an important role in deciding where we choose to work. The hospitals  we partner with have been working in the field of oncology for years and demonstrate a deep knowledge and commitment to the cause.


 3) HCG Foundation: Ensuring Access to Cancer Care 

The HCG Foundation is a unique not-for-profit initiative of HCG, South Asia’s largest cancer care network, that raises funds through donations towards helping economically marginalized cancer patients. The Foundation has embarked on a journey of creating its identity by mobilizing funds by organizing interesting events, art shows and optimizing various visibility opportunities to increase awareness, and aiding patients who are on the road to swift recovery. From the patient’s assessment to their activities following treatment, the Foundation strives to be there every step of the way. Cancer treatment is a very costly affair and is out of reach for most poor patients. Cancer is both a psychological and economic burden. The core goal of the Foundation is to alleviate the economic burden and thus in turn the psychological burden of bearing the cost of the disease by providing quality treatment. The fund is utilized only for general ward patients on a case-by-case basis. Only those patients who show critical economic need and who cannot afford treatment, are helped in this program.


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