Golden Glow Project

 Over the last decade India has been witnessing an alarming growth of Acid Attack especially on women. Acid violence is a heinous crime committed usually against women, with an intention to disfigure or kill her.


LC India Golden Glow Project is a campaign against the brutality of acid violence and our resolve to bring the glow and fire back into the lives of women who have been isolated through no fault of theirs.

 We can provide relief & care to the victims of acid attack by sponsoring,

  • Medical consultation

  • Counselling sessions with the distressed

  • Routine medical check-up

  • Routine visits of physician, physiotherapist

  • Provide a trauma relief centre which is clean, hygienic and cool environment to the beneficiary after the hospital discharges

  • Assistance with nursing care and diet plan

  • Sponsor the salary of nurses, attendants, and housekeepers for assisting acid burn patient

  • Skill and vocational training

  • Personality and Grooming

  • Recreational rehabilitation of the acid attack survivor

  • Facilitating training programs to enhance their skills

  • Sponsorship of Medical procedures

  • Sponsoring of medical equipment such as guaze, cotton, clothing made from special material, blankets, etc