Ramp My City

In a developing country like India, where inclusivity is an alien word, we find that inaccessibility is everywhere – right from schools, colleges, universities, the way our houses/flats are constructed, workplaces, banks, ATM’s, coffee shops, restaurants, tourist spots, railway stations, airports etc – it is everywhere. Consequently, people using wheelchairs find themselves as the rejected section of the society where accessibility to public/private places or even places of basic utility almost seems like a special privilege and they are forced to live an isolated life confined within the spaces of their home.


RampMyCity aims to break these mental barriers in the society by creating an inclusive and equal world for all humans irrespective of their physicalities. RampMyCity aims to bridge the gap in our community by not only making it accessible in forms of ramps but also by creating awareness towards a wheelchair user and thereby promoting inclusivity in spirit.


What are the different places we target to get ramps at?

As this space is new and unexplored in India, RampMyCity comes with a big scope of where all it can be implemented:

  • Restaurants, hotels
  • Schools, colleges, universities: making education accessible for all as under AICTE guidance.
  • Private commercial buildings in the area
  • Work places
  • Tourist spots
  • Parks or community gathering places in the locality
  • Railway stations specially the space between the platform and the train.